Discover your origin with Talasi

We at Talasi, are passionate in exploring, contributing and empowering our “grassroots”. Talasi is a sustainable ecommerce platform with an honest vision to simply bring value to the community, our customers and our partners. We believe that Indonesia is blessed with lush agriculture and the potential to maintain and sustain high quality natural produce.

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We bring happiness to you

In the most natural, pure and honest form; our products that are direct from the farmers to your doorsteps through our brands Watu and Toye.

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grassroots communities

We empower by providing a sustainable chain for our farmers and suppliers, educate and train on efficient technology to optimise value and also through a percentage of our sales as social contribution to the communities.

Our Products

Experience Our Bali, Come Seed Our Sumba

Nothing will bring you closer than living a day in the life of our farmers. Located in Tabanan, Bali and Sumba, where we share and give you of the support this a first hand experience of cultivating nature, our grassroots communities and you.