“Federal Judge Hints at Possible Contempt Charge for

by Eko
May 4, 2015

The San Jos Mercury News reported that Uber Sept. 10 https://www.jerseysexport.com filing with California employment regulator showed that in August it had laid off 88 workers from its San Francisco offices, and in October would lay off 320 more in its San Francisco and Palo Alto offices. Most were senior software engineers.

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How can I contribute? How do we create a better livelihood? How can we use the abundant natural resources and add more value to their lives. This was my purpose calling and I have spent my adult life in the business of adding value to Indonesian natural resources. 

After a few days in Sumba, I was reenergized and felt the urge to start a new journey. This new endeavor will be different. This time I intended to bring more power to the smallholders and farmers in creating a sustainable chain that can give value and impact on their lives. And I named this enterprise Talasi which in sanskrit depicts trees that always bear flowers, fruits and new leaves, and a sweet fragrance or cornflower in Latin America.

Talasi is about exploring and discovering the potential in the obscurity. Talasi is about setting up and operating at the Origin. Talasi is about working with the community, providing them with knowledge, skills and tools. Investing at the grassroots level and connecting the chain to sustain and maintain nature while enhancing livelihoods. With the end game of empowerment to the people of the land.

With the creation of our premium honest brands, Watu and Toye across food and natural ingredient products, everyone can be part of this vision with each purchase in support of the same values and mission to empower the grassroots communities.

We will soon complete our full facilities and retreat in Sumba which is currently roasting our Watu cashews. And our Batukaru Talasi Retreat, Bali opened earlier this year with Flores next in line.

I am excited about what the future holds for “the Origin” and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my personal humble invitation to each and everyone you to visit us and “Experience Talasi”.

Let’s discover the Origin,
Alisjahbana Haliman